NEOTEC: A strategy based on investment for innovation.

“I am pleased to highlight the success of our business plan, which has enabled innovative concepts to be created and implemented which attract many clients in France, in Europe, in North America and in Oceania. Today, giving our machines the NEOTEC brand is a source of pride for each of the men and women who play their part in our company. But, we owe most of our success to the commitment to the quality of the products and the responsibility that each and every one of us takes for this.

With expertise and an ability to master a combination of technologies, ISO 9001-2008 and RISQS M1 certification, NEOTEC is also innovative in its service offers with a single objective: to ensure the satisfaction of its clients.
Founded in the land of Rugby, NEOTEC has made 3 basic rules of this sport the pillars of its values: team spirit, pride in the jersey, courageous commitment! These principles provide the men and women of NEOTEC with the foundation of the motto they apply every single day: EVOLUTION IN MOTION”.

Pascal ROUX – President of the NOVAERA Group

1991 / 1998

The development of high-level expertise

Originally, the company’s activity was oriented towards the study, design and manufacture of prototypes of transmission components as well as equipment for vehicles and special machines. Thanks to its expertise, NEOTEC built, over these years, a solid reputation by developing a business portfolio that includes some of the biggest world names in vehicle manufacturing across sectors as diverse as the car industry, construction and forestry machinery, railways, marine transmissions, HGV and agricultural tractors.

1999 / 2007

Versatility of trades serving the rail sector

With a growth strategy based on the complementarity of trades, NEOTEC set itself a challenge, at the dawn of the 2000s, to become a manufacturer of special machinery and equipment. Initially oriented towards the manufacture of rail-road vehicles for the construction of energy transport networks and aeronautic construction, the company began to specialise over time in the manufacture of rail/road vehicles mainly dedicated to the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure. NEOTEC’s success was built on the creation of homogeneous and modular ranges.

2008 / 2015

Tailor-made on a large scale

2008 and the crisis that hit provided NEOTEC with an opportunity to modify its positioning on the markets. After massive investment to streamline and improve its machines, structure its organisation and implement an ambitious export plan, the company’s energy and skills were rewarded in 2001. Today, more than 700 NEOTEC machines are in service worldwide with nearly 600 in the railway sector alone, which now represents more than 85% of the group’s activity worldwide.


NOVAERA’s multinational dimension

Keen to actively support its development strategy, NEOTEC has carried out a shareholder reorganisation operation with the creation of the NOVAERA group. The latter invests to develop and add to the range according to market requirements.

With a production capacity of more than 100 machines/year, distributed over several production sites, NEOTEC offers its customers a range of innovative and reliable products, supported by a first-rate Services organisation.


The production of “series” machines gets itself new facilities

Alongside the long-standing workshops, a brand new factory was established, dedicated entirely to the construction of series machines combined with a test track.
The existing premises have been thoroughly reorganised to house the study and prototyping centre, the after-sales department, a storage and supply area as well as a machine reconditioning and modernisation workshop.


New technological innovations for more safety


Distribution of applications







A strong international presence.

Created in 2011, the Canadian division NEOTEC Innovation Inc, based near Montreal, meets the needs of the entire American continent. This local presence offers a “technical-cultural” information exchange of European railway expertise and working methodologies from across the Atlantic. It has also become a strategic base for developments in Asia and Oceania.

Since early 2016, with the creation of the company NEOTEC Equipment Ltd based in London, NEOTEC has had a structure dedicated to the British market and the development of its rail network.
Each Subsidiary has its own resources for engineering and technical assistance, assembly or manufacturing to ensure that NEOTEC machines are adapted in the best way possible to the requirements of the local market.

NEOTEC has also been able to cultivate its international presence by relying on a network of partners and distributors in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Canada, among others.